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Minsk, Belarus - 13th June 2011

By: Katusha

Hi hi! It's me again :rolleyes: This day we went to the national library, from the top of which you can see all city! At first we took the underground. It's not very deep, sunch in Kiyev or Moscow.


Then we walked a bit. And I saw many beautiful decorated with mosaic buildins. They were so colourful. I liked them.


Oh! I found such a pretty car! It was like a ladybird! It's my dream now :cyclops:


Then we came to the library and bought tickets for all of us. And for me too ;) Tickets are necessary in order to get up to the sight ground.



I have never been so high! It took my breath away!!! But it was so marvelous!




Then we walked along the Svislach river bank to the Eyewater Island. I asked mommy to do a little stop here and we fed ducks with bread. They are so friendly here :D



The Eyewater Island is a memorial complex devoted to the World War II. There is also the Crying Angel statue on the island.


I knew it was my last day in Minsk and was a little sad. But our friend Natasha presented us two hair-pins from her wedding diadem as a keepsake and we agreed to meet again next year!


So I'm not sad anymore and our journey goes on!

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