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To eat some interesting bugs and grubs.

To visit the Rhine river

To see a big Buddha statue

To try on some different gumboots

To play in the snow.

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host's mom's home, Germany - 12th September 2012

By: MA_17

Alex told us about a problem he has with a mouse. He decided to built a trap and needed our help.

We put some cheese and sausage in the trap. Mice like that.

Then we hid ourselves behind a tree and waited.

After a while we saw someone in the trap.

We caught it!!!

We let the trap down and oh... it wasn't a mouse. It was Alex' brother Rudy.

We told him about the mouse and the trap and tried it again. We hid ourselves again behind the tree.
After a short time there was somebody else in the trap.

We caught that creature!

When we let the trap down we found just 2 golden coins instead of a mouse or cheese or sausage in the trap.

Rudy told us to use some pumpkin seeds, mice would love them. So we did.

We went behind the tree and after a short time we saw someone in the trap again.

We caught it! Yeah, we could see the feet. We got it!

We let the trap down and...what the...just another golden coin?! How could this be??? Alex is confused now!

Kevin Kiwi

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