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To eat some interesting bugs and grubs.

To visit the Rhine river

To see a big Buddha statue

To try on some different gumboots

To play in the snow.

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host's mom's home, Germany - 30th August 2012

By: MA_17

Hello Mommy,

I arrived in Germany!!! When my envelope stopped to shake I heard some voices.

When my envelope opened I saw the faces and a butt in another envelope.

I crawled out of my envelope and heard that this butt belongs to  GŁnther, who got an envelope from his Mom!

I told these guys about my jouney. Then I went back into my envelope.
The others stopped talking.

Then I came back with a postcard and a keyring from home. :D The others were so happy. They thought I wouldn't like them, but I do!

Then I helped GŁnther to get out the stuff from the envelope of his Mom.

GŁnther got his traveltag from his Mom. He was so happy!

Your Kevin

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