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Host house, Kiyev, Ukraine - 19th July 2011

By: Katusha

Hi, Mommy! Today I was an artist a little! :rolleyes: And MokoMoko too. At first we just watched. This picture will be for our host's Mom, as Katusha said. She can paint flowers not very well. But her Mom likes lilac. So we tried to paint something like lilac. :cyclops:


MokoMoko suggested, that he can be a manager of this operation. Generally he likes to pose himself as some bigwig. It's very funny to wach him at this time. So pompous little bear! :D


I liked to be a painter!


Then we decided to do a break, while our host put colours away. And found cherry-plums on the window-sill.


Our Mister manager shared cherry-plums. Sharing was not quit right, as I suspected. But it was not a malicious intent.


Soon he understood this and shared anew. And said, that he sometimes makes mistakes in a round things count. With others counts everything is ok.  :D

Then we helped my host to cook fried zucchini.


We sliced it at first.


And rolled in flour with spicery. And fried these circles, which then sprinkled with a dill. :rolleyes:


It was so tasty!


So you see - I'm ok, Mom!
xx Bye!

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