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Kiyev, Ukraine - 9th July 2011

By: Katusha

Hi! It's me again! Do you miss me. mom? I do :rolleyes: But there is no need to be sad, I think. Better I'll tell you about our yesterday walk. ;)
In the evening we were at the centre of Kiyev, we had not a lot of time to view it adequately, but somewhere we visited.

It's an Independence Square - the main square of Kiyev and Ukraine on the whole. Great place! In the centre you can see an Independence Column. At the weekends and holidays this road, which you see at the forefront, is closed for cars and becomes to big pedestrian road.


We didn't take pictures of the other side of square, because it was in shade at that time. We decided to do this another time.
So this is the main post office of city (on the right side). Very big building!


I saw several fountains here and even one artificial waterfall. They are not very big, but nice. It's one of them. Looks like a giant dandelion!  :D


Also at the square there are many interesting monunets ant sculptures. This is sculpture of cossack Mamai. My host didn't know - was he a real person or just a popular hero, but we liked him and his war-horse!


Do you think, that this is a real double decker bus, mom? Maybe it was some time. But now it's just a ticket office.  :D


Then we walked at adjacent streets. There were many beautiful buildings here. Katusha said - it's a pitty, that today this architectural style is not so popular. Formerly each house had its own character.



Next interesting thing that I saw was - flower clock on the lawn. So big!


It's another one little bit of Independence Square. We took a picture ot temperature. It was +21C.


Also I want to show you one more fountain. It is decorated with statues of three brothers Kie, Schek, Horiv and their sister Libed. Very strange names were in ancient times. B) Sister's name is more clear at least. It comes from the russian word "lebed' " (swan). They were the founders of the city.


That is all as yet. Than we got a real hungry and run home :stare:
It is me in the underground escalator.


Bye-bye, mommy!

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