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Hudderfield, Bradford, Warrington, England - 14th June 2011

By: Gizalba

I haven't updated for a while so I will fill you in on my last week. On friday we went to visit my host's friend in Bradford but the train stopped off at Huddersfield on the way. We saw a nice statue at Huddersfield train station, and there was a lion on one of the rooves of the nearby buildings.

When we got on the next train it was really quiet so us TVs escaped the bag and went a bit crazy. I gave PinkyHH a piggback ride along the chairs  :D Then we got all interlectual and read some newspapers, although I'm not very good at reading... Pinky said she could read upside down!

When we got to Bradford there was a friendly boy called Tristan who wanted to help us with our photos. And one of the cats gave me a kiss!

Ooh, in the morning of our trip to Bradford we also said goodbye to Mishuta :( We helped him into his envelope and wished him look, it is sad to see him go but I know he will have a great time on the rest of his travels.

Today Buzz Bluejay arrived which was very exciting, I think he will be fun to be around :)

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