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Göttingen, Germany - 28th March 2011

By: SarahF

Now, before I start telling you about the first trip in my known life, I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Urmel and I was sitting on a shelf of the local Oxfam shop one day, when I was picked up and poked testingly by some cold fingers. When I looked up, I saw a girl standing there who made up for the coldness of her fingers by her bright and cheerful grin. "I guess I found my voyager!" I heared her exclaiming joyfully and found myself being lifted up and carried to the registry. The prodding and poking continued, money was exchanged and soon there was nothing left but darkness. I'm used to being stored and cuddled, so I did not mind - apparently this was just another situation of transport that gave me the opportunity to ponder the new circumstances.

My guess turned out to be right when I saw daylight and with this, the smiling young lady, again. She lifted me out of her bag, placed me on a comfortable table cloth and started explaining conspiratorially. I listened with tension.


The talking continued and images and sceneries shaped in my mind. I liked what she said and immediately felt important. It seemed that I was chosen for an important and not too easy mission! My goal is to travel the world and learn as much as I can to help spreading the knowledge about as many places of our beautiful world as possible!

She showed me lots of postcards from various people around the world. It seems so fascinating to me that there are such nice people everywhere who have a sense for connecting with others, completely strangers by then, to share and make each other smile. And all the places to go! So much to see! Such a huge world with so many places, each of them interesting and special in it's own way!


I fully identify with this goal - it will be my pleasure to acquire in-depth bits of information of random places and to make many friends among the most interesting people who I will meet while travelling the globe.

Thus, my mission begins!

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