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Hildesheim, Germany - 20th January 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hey mum,

this morning Katharina had good news: we would finally go out! :D She wanted to visit her parents for the weekend and had to go out in the rain anyway. So she decided we could make the best of it and take some nice pictures. :cyclops:

After we got off the bus in the city center we went to see St. Andrew's church. The church is really big and you can only about half of it in the picture.

Then we saw the "Huckup". It's a statue of a thief who stole a bag of apples and now his bad conscience is weighing him down heavily (he carries his bad conscience piggyback).

After that we went to see the "Blaues Pferd" (blue horse) which only looks like a real horse from the right angle. Suppose we managed to find the right angle then. ;)

Then we took a look at the ice skating rink set up behind the town hall. It looks really nice and Katharina said that we might go there sometime if the weather gets better. Fingers crossed!

We wanted to take a group picture, but everything was wet and we couldn't sit down. So we went around the town hall and took our picture on the steps in front of it (the only dry spot we could find). Can you see me mum? (If not look in the next picture. ;) )

On our way to the train station we went through the pedestrian zone and went by St. Jacob's church on our way. This church is located right in the middle of the pedestrian zone and is called "city church" because of that.

Then we had to hurry on to get to the train station in time for our train. But we managed to get there and onto the train fine.


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