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host's home, Germany - 17th January 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hi Mum, today I could hear sniffing and barking outside my envelope. I was very excited and hoped to meet another dog. When my envelope opened another dog crawled in indeed. :cyclops: She said her name was *-Cookie-* and told me that I had arrived at her home. It was a very short journey and I sure was glad about that. I showed Cookie the card RikeH had put into my envelope with me and we both wondered what the postman had done to my envelope while I was travelling. Can you see the creases in the card and my envelope? :o Luckily I'm made of soft fabric so nothing happened to me! Phew!  :)
Then she told me that NiliHH was also here with us. NiliHH was very excited to hear that I had come from RikeH and I had to tell her everything about home. And later we all sat together and talked. Cookie wanted to hear everathing about our travels because she has never travelled before. I suppose we're lucky she hasn't so we have a friend who can show us around.
Miss you, Mum!


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