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Tsing Yi, Hong Kong - 28th June 2013

By: voicemkw

Hi, Mummy! I have just arrived Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is a very small city but still is divided into 3 parts
New Territories, Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.
I am now living in the New Territories.

Poopbear hugged me warmly.
He is not exactly a toy voyager.
Since he is too huge in size,
my current host Selina does not let him travel.

We had conveyor sushi for dinner tonight.
Although it is in Japanese style,
Hong Kong is actually a please where different styles of food can be easily found.

Scallop sushi.

Eel sushi.

Japanese cheese cake for dessert!

I am cool in Hong Kong.
Don't miss me so much.
Love you, mummy!

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