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Macocha Abyss, Czech Republic - 28th November 2010

By: dzejna

Hello Mum!

Sorry for not updating for such a long time, but my host mum had sick eye, so we couldnīt do much activities and also use the computer much. But now just before Xmas things are getting much better.

Today I have images from the Macocha Abyss for you. We took them just before this eye problems started.

This abyss is quite deep. Machocha means step-mother and there is a whole story about this place having this name.

Many years ago there was a happy family - mother, father and their son Martin. But one day the mummy got sick and died.
After couple more years the father got married again and he had another son with his new wife - Martinīs step-mother. She became very jealous of him.
One day when she was at home alone with Martin she took him to the forest. They came near to the abyss and she pushed him down! (Uff, what a horrible idea!).  But as soon as she did it she realized the terrible guilt and jumped down too. 
After couple hours the father got back home and found the house empty. He went to the forest to look for the rest of his family and heard someone crying from the direction of the abyss. When he carefully looked down, he saw his own son hanging on a tree. With the help of neighbors he got him back up and found out the whole story. Since then people call the abyss "Macocha".

Today there are two bridges which allow you to look deep down into the abyss safely.

Here I am exploring the surroundings and looking down from the top bridge. See me there? I am sitting there all alone! All the other tourists ran away when they saw me. They knew that we bears are pretty dangerous!










As you can see there is a snow on the images, but now we have much much more. It is incredible. We are going to have 100% White Christmas, isnīt it great?

I will keep you posted.
Have a great day mum, Bernie

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