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Olavi Lanu Park, Lahti, Finland - 8th October 2010

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

Yesterday we; my host, Grouchy and me went to see some art. Grouchy don’t speak much, but we get along quite well anyway. We went to town and walk some time. We arrived to this small lake and behind me you can see hill where we was heading. Grouchy thought we were going to visit some art gallery, but that was not the case. We went up and up and finally we saw art works. Mom, they are in beautiful forest. Very big sculptures by artist Olavi Lanu.

You can see me with sculptures called “Kaksi kiveä” (Two Stones), then “Harmaa tammikuu” (Grey January) Susanna tries to show how big these sculptures are, so can you see us Grouchy and me, little blue and brown spot in foot of that sculpture, “Läpi harmaan kiven” (Through Grey Stone) and the last one biggest of them all “Iso kivi” (Big Stone). That sculptures total weight is 37 tons, how much I weight mom?  :rolleyes:

On our way back we saw this fountain. Susanna told us, that it’s not only a fountain, but water organs too. At winter time there are shows with music and water and colours. Well at weekend we are going to see something different. So until then.

Take care Mom!



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