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Lahti, Finland - 21st October 2010

By: sirkku-susanna


Weather is warmer and all the snow is gone. Now itís only windy, rainy and dark. Today my host wanted some help decorating her balcony, just little something she said. Not a job for a smurf, I thought. I will give advices nothing else.  ;)

She put some heathers in this big ďtubĒ. At least we both think those flowers are heathers. Susanna said this kind of flowers will survive through winter time. Then she hanged up this small lantern and put candle in it. It looks very neat at dark, I must admit. Picture isnít very good, sorry.  :(

Well tomorrow I will leave Susanna and Bernie bear and Droopy. They all said goodbye and wish me Bon Voyage. I will miss them (but donít tell it to them). I have long way ahead of me, I will travel to Hong Kong. Iím sure everything will go smooth and at least I get some peace and quiet in my envelope.  :rolleyes:

I write you from Hong Kong


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