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Lahti, by the lake, Finland - 8th September 2010

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi there at home!

Itís me Grouchy. Last few days have been very booooooooring here. We havenít been able to go out, weather has been rainy, even stormy. And my host has studied for her Marketing exam. We tried to read her book too, but we just fell asleep.

Today Susanna decided, itís time to get some fresh air. So we take a little walk to small lake nearby. We went by this forest road, and then we saw the lake. We saw some ducks too. There was no-one else at the beach just us and ducks. But Susanna told me, that in summer time there are plenty of people.

Then she told me, that in winter time when lake is frozen, people cut big hole in ice and swim in that icy water. Can you believe it? These Finnish people sure are crazy.  :o I said to Susanna, that I get blue from cold just to think of that ice. Susanna remind me, that Iím blue already, haha. This woman tries to be funny.

Friday we will travel to town called Seinšjoki (Wall River  :stare:). My host will go to study there and she wants me to go with her. Well if she insistsÖ.

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