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German Wine Route, Germany - 1st October 2010

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we visited a small town, Bad Bergzabern. Here you can see part of the old city wall, it is called "Stork Tower".


This is the "Deutsche Weintor" (German Wine Gate), which is marking the Southern beginning of the German Wine Route. This route was established in 1935 to connect all vintners villages to boost the wine sales.


Those chestnuts must be delicious - they are made of chocolate.


Those mushrooms are only decoration items. I want to visit a real mushroom forest!


I know this one exactly: It is a highly poisonous fly agaric. (Although there are no flies in sight and this mushroom cannot fly itself). But I know why it is called fly agaric. In the past people cut this mushroom into pieces and put it into sweetened milk. Flies tasted this mixture and died shortly after this.


We reached the parking lot of a historic castle. From there I had a great overview later.



We enjoyed a local delicacy: Tarte Flambée and Federweisser, the product of fermented freshly pressed grape juice, known as must. The term in principle includes all stages of fermentation from must to finished wine.


I don't know the name of this mushroom, but the whole forest smells like mushrooms.




What is this? A  troll aking a bath!


Our trip through the forest came to an end than.


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