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Graz, Austria - 25th March 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

We did some more sightseeing today! But we had to cut it short - when you look at the clouds, you know why  :rolleyes:

Today we went to the Kunsthaus. As you can see it is an unusual building. Look at the left part of the house: This part is quite old and it is the rest of the old house that was there before. This part is protected by law. But they were allowed to put the new part on top of it. The facade of the building is special, too. It has many lamps on it and so you can illuminate it and make different patterns on it. The building is a museum for contemporary art and photography ... and it is also called "the friendly alien".

We then crossed the bridge over the river Mur and had a look at the Franziskanerkirche (see the clouds there?). We went on a bit along the river and then to another bridge. We looked down in the river...and what did we find there? The Mur-island. It is an artificial island with a café on it. This island and the Kunsthaus have been built for the year 2003 when Graz was Cultural capital of Europe.
On the other side of the bridge we looked at yet another church: The Mariahilfer-Church.

And we also looked up at the Schlossberg! Last week we looked from the Schlossberg down to the city.

Then we quickly went home... the clouds predicted rain!


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