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Receive a card from my Mum at each place, that I visit.

Visit 5 different town halls.

Teach each of my hosts how beautiful Hamburg is.

Meet another Bear ToyVoyager.

Taste 3 different cakes in different places.

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Graz, Austria - 2nd September 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today I arrived here in Graz! I think that was pretty fast. 2 days ago I still was in Germany!
I met so many other TVs: Mr.S, Atta Sandi Rose and LittleWestiePup. I think I'll have a great time here!

My host-mom had a great day today - she got lots of cards from postcrossing.
Then we helped her writing her cards for postcrossing and we found some great cards.
I've learned that there are no kangoroos in Austria!  B) But I guess you knew that...

Bye for today!

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