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Burnaby, BC, Canada - 20th August 2009

By: AbbyB

Today I visited Abby's school, Simon Fraser University.  It is a relatively new school, founded in 1965.  It is on top of Burnaby Mountain, which means that it is scenic in the summer and very cold in the winter.  Most of the original buildings were designed by the late architect Arthur Erickson, who is known for his use of concrete and water features, as you will see.

This is the track.  The building on the right houses the pools, and past that are the gyms and fitness facilities.


This is the convocation mall.  This is where graduations, rallies, events and large student gatherings are held.


This building is the library.  It is seven floors and includes a common area and archives and rare books.


This is the Academic Quadrangle, also known as the AQ.  I am standing underneath one end of it, and you can see the other end far off in the distance.  Most classes are held here.  The floors you can see are the fifth and sixth, which are mainly offices and seminar rooms, the 'fourth floor' is what I am standing on, and the rest of the floors are below ground.


This is on the roof of one of the buildings, looking North toward the mountains.  What a pretty view.


This building here is the Arts and Social Sciences Complex and it is the newest addition to the school.  Many of Abby's classes are held here.  The building itself won an architectural award in May.


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