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Mechterstädt, Germany - 13th July 2009

By: iloveletters

My  hosts:

AbbyB - Canada  - Thanks for hosting!
Pixiedustlady - USA  - Thanks for hosting!
Elen - Belarus - Thanks for hosting!
Credo - South Africa - still on the way...

What's next?

Hello everybody!

I am a new TV and would like to introduce myself:

I am a little French girl by the name of Aimee. I came to Germany some time ago through postcrossing. That's why my mom cannot really remember my birth date... mh.

Here is a picture of me again. I am about 17cm high and not very heavy. Pretty slim too, so I can fit into an envelope without problems.


Well, after hosting her first TV Florentine my mom thought that it would be a good idea for me to see a little bit more of the world. And I am also so excited about this adventure.

Here is me and Florentine:


Now, I will stay a little bit with my mom for her holidays in Hamburg next week but then I am curious about my first host!  Anyone interested?

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