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Johannesburg, South Africa - 13th June 2009

By: MrsC

Well I have arrived! Just in time for mid term break! So no school for me yet.

All of the grade three classes have a hamster each. The hamsters go home with a pupil from the class every weekend and during the holidays.

QT is the hamster in my class, 3Ha. It was raining when she was brought home so her cage got a bit wet (she was snug as a bug in her little house). We had to give it a good clean because the rain made it smell a bit.

WOW! This is quite a lot of housing for someone so small...and quite a lot of washing and drying for me!


I had better put some clean shavings in this tray...


There you go!


This is her little house that she likes to stay in.


She even has a built in gym...hah hah hah... she likes to run round and round on this wheel at night.


Fitting her tunnels together is like doing a puzzle - do you like to do puzzles?


Well, here we go, all clean and dry.


Now where is she? QT! QT! Come out, come out where ever you are...


She has quite a stack of food for such a small hamster! She hides it all away and gets VERY cross when her cage is cleaned out and her stash goes missing.


Isn't she cute? Hmmm... Maybe that's why they call her QT!


The first thing she did when she got back in her cage was hunt for her stash of seeds. She was decidedly upset when she couldn't find any!


Instead of counting to ten she went for a jog... once she had calmed down she set about hiding her seeds and rearranging her nesting material. Funny little thing!


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