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prague, czech republic - 4th March 2009

By: tination


what a busy week!!! it was soooooo awesome in prague!!! so, lets start from the beginning:

on monday we went by the train to prague. it was a long and old train. you have to know, this train goes from berlin, germany to budapest, hungary! can you believe this? sitting the whole day in a train? but we traveled only from dresden, germany to prague!

so, on the first day we didn't do soooo much! only shopping in a very big mall  :rolleyes: tina said, she never saw so a big mall in germany (of course she some similar malls in the usa). for dinner we had yummy pizza! in the dark of the old town of prague we did a little ghost-tour! it was sooooo scary! i rathered to stay in tina's jacket to be safe! and this was a very good decision, because there were people behind the corner to scare us!

oh, we went by the subway in prague. there are some very long and very steep escalators (maybe you can't see it on this picture so much, but i've never saw so a big escalator):


ok... second day - sightseeing day! the weather was very very bad! but hey, we had fun! and here are some picz now:

me at the astronomical clock:

and the old town square right next to the clock:

after that we walked to the famous charles bridge


luzie (tina's toy voyager) and me at the charles bridge (in the back, right corner you can see a part of the prague castle):


and we and the vltava river:

so you saw the large prague castle at the back of one of this pictures... so we walked over there, up the hill but we had not so a big view of the city of prague  :(


st. vitus cathedral is situated entirely within the prague castle complex:


so... we walked a lot around in prague and after a quite nap at the hostel we walked to the wenceslas square and in the back you can see the national museum. it's a very busy and long street but has a lots of famous shops there too  :rolleyes:


on our third day we went by train again. but this time back home. but the train was late so we had to wait a long time at the cold train station  :(

but hey! we had a really fun and great time there! and i'm glad, tina took me with her  B)

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