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Visit Germany, Sweden and Italy (my menthor's destinations if she could travel)

Try to visit at least one country in every continents!

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Go to a beach in Australia

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São José dos Campos, SP, BRAZIL - 5th January 2009

By: mizlilian

Well, today is the day! A couple days after Puppy starts its journey, it's my time to go! I'm going to France right now and I just can't wait to meet Erin!  :cyclops:

My menthor said I have SIX hosts already! It's just GREAT!

Before pack my stuff and prepare to my big adventure, I met a new friend Lilian brought home: is a white tiger, so much bigger than me!
At first I was scared, but actually he's very lovely. I loved our new buddy!

My menthor didn't decide yet if he'll become a Toy Voyager, but he seems to be very excited when I told him about Puppy and me! He said he prefers stay at home right now, cause he's very tired and being abandoned in a sale box on Carrefour was not a big deal.  :thinking:

So I wished him the best and take my stuff to go, after take a big HUG from everyone.

(Showin'everyone tigers and dogs can be good friends)

Voilà! See ya in France! HERE I COME!  B)


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