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Vienna, Austria - 28th January 2009

By: Greycat

Hello Mum!
I'm so sorry for not having updated my log earlier, Conny's camera was broken and it took a while to have it repaired. But yesterday she got it back, which was really good, as Luddie had arrived on friday. Today we were allowed to accompany  Conny to her mum's school (she's a teacher), where Conny is giving private lessons. As you can see, she taught us a little German. First we did a task Conny's mum does with children who don't know much German, afterwards Conny showed us how to write "My name is Mr. Lemony and I'm a Toyvoyager". That was fun. We also took a pic in front of the school. The sign says: "Primary school  of the City of Vienna". On our way back we stopped on a bridge leading across the so called "Donaukanal", where suddenly a whole bunch of seagulls appeared.
Oh, by the way, finally I could take some great pics with Micky, Conny's cat. She's really old, fat and lazy, like Garfield the Cat. But it's not her fault, she fell out of the window five years ago, since than she can't move properly. I hope you like the new pics!

Mr. Lemony

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