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Fairfax, Virginia, United States - 27th September 2008

By: wmphimu

I've been getting a good sense of what day to day life is like here in Virginia. Mara has let me tag along a lot, and it's been nice to see where she lives. So, here are a few pictures of where I've been this week...
We started the week off going to the new library. It just opened a few months ago, and it's really nice. Here I am in the front:
And here I am looking for a book!
In the middle of the week I went with Mara to Let's Dish. It's a meal preparation place - you go and you make a bunch of dinners for the month that go in the freezer. Here I am in front:
And here I am helping out by making enchiladas!
Today it was raining really hard, so we sat in the car while Mara's husband ran into the store to get stuff for her rabbits (can you tell how hard it was raining from the picture??)
Thankfully, the rain stopped long enough for us to get some lunch. We went to a popular place called Noodles & Company where Mara and I shared Wisconsin Mac & Cheese (they are famous for it!) Yum-O!

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