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Buffalo, NY, USA - 27th September 2008

By: samsmith621

We arrived in Buffalo late on Friday night, we actually almost didn't get to come because Sam's cousin, Luke who we came to visit was very sick... so we didn't get to go to the zoo like we hoped to, it was to chilly outside for Luke to be walking around... although today we visited one of his favorite places! The Buffalo Hobby Shop!
Here is me with Sully Monster by a Caboose from a real train!
See us on the hand railing!
And sitting by the tracks!
Here I am on Thomas the Tank Engine. He is one of Luke's favorite characters!
And her are Sully and I looking at the big train display!

From what Sam said we aren't visiting any other exciting places this weekend, but maybe she will have some fun places to take us when we get back to Glen Lyon!

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