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Vancouver, BC, Canada - 14th June 2008

By: AbbyB

Today I got to attend a very special event, Abby's commencement.

We went for dinner first, at the Old Spaghetti Factory, in Gastown.  The menu at each location is different, and has historical facts about the area on it.


These are all the locations.  Abby says that one day she'd like to visit all of them, but she's only been to five so far.


Then, we went to the Orpheum, where the ceremony was to take place.  The Orpheum was opened in 1927, and when it first opened, it was the largest theatre in Canada.  It was bought by teh city in 1974 and refurbished, and is now the permanent home to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.  Abby forgot to tell anyone to take pictures of me in the theatre, but her sister was kind enough to do it.



Finally the ceremony started.  There Abby is, with the choir.  She's actually out front singing.  She doesn't want to toot her own horn, but she's very proud of herself, and you can watch the YouTube video here.


Here I am with her graduation certificate, composite photo and hat.


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