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Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia - 14th July 2008

By: sararingham

Well Sara took us on another trip to Bathurst, and we all got to see some kangaroos again, this time it was a much closer shot than before... it was pretty awesome. Since the kangaroos were much calmer than last time Sara tried to get us in the shot but it wasn't possible with how far zoomed she was, we would have just been a blur so we just sat back and watched... :-)

Seeing the kangaroos seriously has to be the best part of coming to Australia! I'm glad I've been able to see that! <3

...this was pretty close to the fence line maybe 15 feet from where Sara and us were standing... how crazy is that?...

...whoops... I guess we got too close, she didn't feel that comfortable obviously...

...just as Sara saw the last kangaroo bounce off, she saw around 5-6 others pop out of the long grass and have a look at us...
...you see the joey in the pouch? See how the dad is so much bigger than the mom? He's bending over and he's almost as tall as her, crazy!

...and here's the baby and the mom again with another kangaroo they're very interested in what I was doing... Sara actually made a few loud noises to get them to look up at her. They seemed to be getting pretty comfortable with her around...

...and here's the last photo of the kangaroos and the baby... aren't they just the cutest? :-) I'm so glad I got to see some real wildlife in Australia! :-) It's been so much fun! <3

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