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Arnhem / Oberhausen, The Netherlands / Germany - 4th April 2009

By: Avalance

This is my last trip while I was here in the Netherlands! We all went to Germany with host-mom and her 2 friends. We went by car and we went shopping in Oberhausen, at this huuuuge mall called Centr-O.

Here you see us all FLTR: Bambi and Nutty (they protect the car for all time), HitchaRideMarky, Mandarin, me and Mr. Bunny!

Centr-O got many cool stores, too bad host-mom was running out of money, so she couldn't buy much more clothes. And our feet started to hurt as well you know. Oh well!

As you see here, me and all the stores in this big mall!

Big hug from me mommy!

And to everyone I have got to know in this short time of period that I was here in the Netherlands. It was an experience to never forget! It was awesome and I really enjoyed my time here.

Thanks everyone, and thanks host-mom. You were really good to me! *hug*


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