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Arnhem, The Netherlands - 22nd March 2009

By: Avalance

As we were staying at host-mom's brother + gf house we were a bit lucky. We could go to the playground infront of their house. While host mom was crafting inside, we went outside and saw some kids playing. Not sure why but they were looking weird at us. Probably we were without parental controls *giggle*.
We had a lot of fun though!

On this picture you see me sitting on a toadstool. On the back you see their house!


We also had some fun on the swing. Though it was very windy so we had to take quick pictures. I wanted to swing with Mr. Bunny, but we kept blown away by the wind. *nawwww*


There were also some stone / rocks there so we took some pictures there as well. The kids there still kept looking weird at us. Oh well, we didn't stay that long outside anyways because it was so windy.


Around lunch time (we ate pancakes!) a friend with her baby girl came over. She was so funny! They gave her muffin with chocolate pieces in it, while she was eating it + walking around she was like this fairytale "Hansel and Gretel", she was like scattering crumbs around and we followed her. Too bad no pictures of that because host-mom was eating pancakes...

Then we went back home again after the pancakes and all. Again the long trip back to Bovensmilde, but we really had a great and fun time!

Hugs *Percy*

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