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Assen, The Netherlands - 20th March 2009

By: Avalance

Hi mom!

Me and host-mom and Mr. Bunny (he arrived on 17 March) left home early to visit some places before she would go to Uni for her lesson 3D.

Ok first stop was at the Deer Camp in Assen. I first posed with this Deer Camp statue.


And then we saw the deers. They are so cute! It was very sunny that day so it was really beautiful to see them walking around and enjoying the weather. Even the ducks in the water were all happy and talking out loud.


After visiting the deers we walked to town of Assen. There was another statue.


Looks like a farmer, not sure though. This statue was close to the museum called "Drents Museum". Host-mom went to this museum a little while ago to see the Terracotta Army. Do you know it? Anyways this museum had these huge insects infront of it, I think because of the art exhibition that is there now.


We walked then up to a famous Character there in Drenthe. He is called Bartje.


Bartje Bartels is the main character of the books from Anne de Vries (a Dutch teacher and writer). It's about a boy that grew up in a poor farmer family. Instead of following his dad's footstep as a farm laborer he wanted to see the world. Though his destiny was somewhere else. After a few years working as a servant he has to take care of the family when his mom passes away.

To be honest, host-mom knew nothing about Bartje until she started to date her (first) boyfriend and later moved to Drenthe. She's already 8 years together with him! And no, no, not married yet!  :o

Ok as we had a long walk and all, we had a quick mini break so we sat on a stone bench near Bartje. Here you see me with Mr. Bunny. He looks very small, so adorable. LOL!


And then we walked to the trainstation where we took the train to Groningen and so. Mr. Bunny then also saw where host-mom studies and all that. I think he was very excited like I was. Being in a Dutch train and also see the Martini Church and so, like I did earlier!

Hugs *Percy*

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