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Bovensmilde / Hoogersmilde, The Netherlands - 18th March 2009

By: Avalance

Hi mom! I am sorry I haven't updated the last few days, but host mom was very busy when she came home from work to fix and burn the DVD she was making for her boyfriend's grandma. The weather was very foggy and all, but she made a few pics on monday, tuesday and today.

A few on the way to host-mom's work and one on the bus and one from today, in the afternoon when the weather became clear and sunny. Still chilly cold though!

I hope you like the pictures!


This is at her busstop where she waits for the bus to get to work. The water you see, is a long canal which is called "Drentsche Hoofdvaart" (41,8 km long).


We are in the bus on our way to work! Whoaaa can you see, in front of us is another bus. I thought it was very cool to be on the bus. Yes, bus bus bus, very cool!


An open field, on her way to work. She has to walk like 5 minutes when she gets off the bus, so this is what she see! It was very foggy on Monday so..


Yesterday the weather was ok in the early morning, no fog as on Monday. But this is the road she has to walk nearly everyday to get to work.

Today the weather started with very foggy weather (again), but it got very sunny and bright this afternoon, so in the lunch break we went outside for some fresh air and as one of her boss pony's were close to the fence it was cute to have a picture of us together. So here you see me with 1 of the 2 pony's her boss got. They are in a field next to the company and on the other side of the company is the house of her boss. Easy life I think!


Big hug!


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