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Bovensmilde, The Netherlands - 14th March 2009

By: Avalance

Today is Saturday! We didn't do much as it was raining again. But I did saw her preparing the oven dish that they would be eating that evening.
She went to the butcher and supermarket without me, for a quick errand. She had to get minced meat, diced bacon, chicory and potato slices. Anyways this oven dish is called "chicory with minced meat and diced bacon ovendish" ;).

It looked very yummie before it went into the oven as she did some cheese powder on top of it as she forgot to get grated cheese. This will do too I guess. So when it went into the oven I went to game on her NintendoDS as she was reading a book.

After like 45 minutes the oven dish looked good and it smells very nice. Oh I tasted it and it was really delicious! Maybe I was hungry of all the gaming I did on her NintendoDS, she got many nice games  B).

Other than that, I think we'll be watching a movie or so tonight. Maybe I'll go and play with Bebe's friends, I haven't met them all yet.

Hugs to you mommy!



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