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Bovensmilde / Assen / Groningen, The Netherlands - 13th March 2009

By: Avalance

Today it started good! The weather was a bit different than they had forcasted!

Since host-mom was making breakfast I went outside, as I saw Mr. Heron. I told him that I was here for a holiday and all and that it was nice to meet him. As he didn't talk back, I realized he was a fake! *urgh* Oh well, here you see a picture of him and me.


On this early morning, I was hoping to meet the cute wood pigeon couple here that comes every day, I might was too early as I haven't seen them. Hope to have better luck next time!


I went back inside the house and host-mom took a picture of me and Icarus, but on a distance. Do you see his look?! I don't think he likes me or so  :o .. He probably doesn't understand what I am saying ..


After breakfast we went out. First we had to take the bus to the bus/train station of Assen. There we waited for the train to come to take us to Groningen where host-mom goes to Uni.


It's very important to read the newspaper of the day for the latest news. Like the bomb threat at the Ikea here in the Netherlands. *brr*

When we arrived in Groningen we had to take the bus. This bus trip took about 20 minutes. Here is a picture of me in front of her building where she gets her lessons. Hmm yes, it's a bit fuzzy ..


She has to go 2 stairs up and then she will be here:


Don't I look so small there?!

It was really sunny so host-mom made a little trip espcially for me after she was done with her 3D-lesson, she's making a bird, a goose  :rolleyes: !!

As her Institute is located on the Zernike Science Park and is next to the State University of Groningen Zernikecomplex, she thought to make a quick stop there to take a picture of me!


As it was getting late we had to hurry a bit. We took the bus again and went to the city. We saw there city pigeons and gulls flying over. It was market time and as it was also very sunny, many people were out for a drink. It was really cool to talk to them, but they were in a hurry so we don't have any group pictures. The terraces of the cafés were all full. So I posed in front of the Martini Church.


And then we took the bus again to go back to the bus/train station of Groningen.
As we had a bit of time left she told me to pose in front of the train station and at a statue there.



I surely look very small, can you find me mom?!

Hope you like it so far.

Missing you mommy  :rolleyes:


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