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Hoogersmilde, The Netherlands - 11th March 2009

By: Avalance

Hi mom!

Today I went with host-mom to her internship. She is going to make an Artificial Intelligence Chat bot for the company. When she is done with it she will graduate and will be called: Bachelor of Communication, with specialisation: Gaming & Development.

She is really looking forward to graduate, as she is a bit tired of studying.

As her internship is in Hoogersmilde, which is like 15 min. away from where she lives, she takes the bus every morning and then have to walk 5 minutes to reach her "work". On our little walk we did made pictures of sheeps and horses, but host-mom thought they weren't that pretty so she will redo those tomorrow!

This picture is just like me and happy Dutch tree.


On the next picture you see me coaching my host-mom with her work. She was eating chocolate chip cookies at her desk! If her boss knows, whoaa I think she'll get whipped! So I helped her with eating them. Yummie!


Oh yeah, Hoogersmilde (surrounded by countryside) is a town in the province of Drenthe. Same like where host-mom lives in Bovensmilde, though Hoogersmilde is futher away from the capital city Assen (lies about 16 km south west of Assen).

Assen is quite known (all over the world) about the TT CIRCUIT ASSEN, a motorcycle racing circuit, where on the last Saturday in June the Dutch TT is run. This is a part of the MotoGP World Championship. The other name for this circuit is "The Cathedral" of motorcycling.

Maybe I can go there too, even there aren't any races right now.


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