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Richlands, North Carolina, USA - 3rd February 2009

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!
Sunday I had a Super Bowl Party with Bertie the Duck and Darcie.  Darcie is a bit sad right now because her husband is stuck over in Germany and did not make it home last week due to a mechanical issue.  Anyways me and Bertie another Toy Voyager have been trying to cheer her up and making her laugh.  The football game was excellent and it was The Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Arizona Cardinals.  Darcie said it was the BEST Superbowl game she ever saw!!  the commercials were soooo funny! We took a vote and everyones favorite was the Pedigree pet commercial! Me and Bertie had a big feast.  We cooked Hot Wings with Budweiser hot wing sauce, Mozzarella cheese sticks, Baked Potato skins with cheese and sour cream and we drank a LOT of Corona Beer!! Dont worry I am being a good Owl!!  Here are photos of me and Bertie and of our feast and of the game!!  The last photo is Ben Roethlisberger who is the Quarterback for the Steelers. He played a flawless game!!  :p


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