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Teddy Bear Central, South Africa - 14th June 2008

By: Threadbear

A bear remains a bear - even when most of him has fallen off or worn away.
- Charlotte Gray

Hello, hello, hello!

We have been having a busy time at Teddy Bear Central lately, bears are arriving by the bagful everyday and needing lots of attention.

First off the little Stowaway pig has been adopted (by Vickis daughter in exchange for three bears. MrsC has a strict policy in this house, if something is donated for charity but you desperately want to keep it, you need to give up three of your own toys (or similar items).


MrsF fell in love with a little blue bear, so to thank her for all her hard work collecting bears, MrsC donated another three bears and gave her the blue bear.

Here are MrsC's bears for 'swaps'...she went back to the SPCA looking for them. The lady at the SPCA asked if she was buying the bears as dog chews! I was shocked to the core when I heard this. Imagine such a terrible, terrible thing!





When the lady heard what the Teddies were for she found two more at the back and donated them to my collection. Wasn't that nice of her? The large one at the top of the shelf is one and this poor little fellow is the other. He was so traumatised at being abandoned at the SPCA that he just hid in the corner. Eloise went to coax him out of it and explain what was happening. She is so sweet and lovely....


Soon it was back to washing and sorting and sewing... This knitted brown bear was in a sad state. His face was full of glue that could not be removed, his knitting was sagging and his stuffing was flat. MrsC and I were very sad because we have managed to rescue every bear so far...


Eloise rescued the day! She is so smart.
She said we needed to unpick the bear... oh er...um... okay...I think...
Ah! That is why he was so hard and flat, he was stuffed with bits of yarn...


Eloise helped me wind up the wool. Oh poor, poor bear... but he will serve a good purpose still!


And here he is! Ta Da!


This is all of this weeks bears, washed and dried with bows on.
Now we can have a break for a bit until the next lot arrive! I am sure next week is going to be very busy. I am hoping lots of overseas bears start arriving during the week too.


We have passed the two hundred mark! But We will do an official count next week...

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