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Teddy Bear Central, South Africa - 10th June 2008

By: Threadbear

At sales every other toy looks simply worn, dilapidated, grubby.
A bear looks lost and abandoned and desperately in need of a loving home.
-Helen Thomson

What a weekend! We worked our paws to the pad...
We repaired all the bears that needed fixing, including completely re-stuffing three bears and converting three hotwater bottle cover bears into Teddy Bears!
Once everyone was cleaned and dried and repaired we began the massive task of giving them ribbons. A task made more massive by the fact that all the ribbon had to be ironed first! And the iron died... but luckily there was a ancient spare  one found at the bottom of the laundry cupboard, so on we soldiered... putting on bows all night...


...and all day...


And then we got more exciting post!
First up was a box of bears from Michele one L...

...and a stowaway pig, that was lurking in the box too!


Chardas twins also arrived. (They got nice orange ribbon because they are Dutch!)


By last night, actually, very early this morning... our "Ready - To - Go" bears went from this:


To this!


Two more bags of bears have arrived today but you will have to wait until tommorrow to meet them. I am off to bed for well deserved rest!

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