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Charity depot, South Africa - 6th June 2008

By: Threadbear

There is probably nothing that a bear so dislikes as a good wash.
-Marion C. Garretty

Why, hello everyone!

So much excitement today I hardly know where to start...
I suppose the beginning would be a good place!

MrsC has a friend called Gazelle (really!), who recently became aquainted with another lady, called Petra (not Fam-United!). Petra sent out some e-mails asking for donations for a project she is running for some homeless people. As e-mails do, they spread like wild fire and Petra ended up being interviewed by a national 'talk radio' station. She ended up with a deluge of donations that she had nowhere to store. Gazelle and her husband offered part of their property as a temperory depot and my goodness me, we (MrsC and I) went to visit it today. I am sorry that we never took the camera so you could see just how MUCH stuff there was: clothes, shoes, furniture, you name it.

MrsC told Petra all about me and my mission (I was dumbstruck by the sheer amount of STUFF). Petra said I was to go through all the toys and find any bears or other soft toys that I needed as there were just too many. So that is what we spent the morning doing...sorting the mass of toys.

And this, dear people, is what we came home with!


I know! And some of them smelled REAL BAD...and most of them were filthy (everything is stored under tarpaulins because they just ran out of storage areas - and it has been raining). I think MrsC has washed her hands about 30 times today (and I don't think she has OCD!)

Anyway, I welcomed them one and all, and we started separating them into stations:

Bears for laundry. I know they hate it, but oooh, the smell!


So sorry you guys!


And..other toys to be dealt with later, I'm afraid bears take top priority...


Here's the first load drying on the window sill... the 6th load is in the machine as I type!


Every surface in this house has a damp bear on it! AND they all smell fantastic... I checked!


Then we sorted out all the bears that have been here a few days already. Even though MrsC is a great believer in the last minute, she realised it was a huge task and only just begining!

Here we have bears Ready-To-Go.


...and these just need a bow!


There is NO shortage of ribbon let me tell you...but she was muttering to herself about Mohammed and mountains every time she brought down another jar from upstairs...


This is the Casualty Department (or ER for those of you who speak American). Missing eyes, half severed head, burst seams, backwards arms, missing ears, ancient flat stuffing...


And surgery! I'll leave this bit to MrsC then...


Oh. I met a girl.


When MrsC sews in that room she likes to play old records... and I mean old...


We danced around the room..


Even Buttons and Pinky Bear had a go...


Ahh, that was such fun! Made me feel young again..

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