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Same old place, South Africa - 2nd June 2008

By: Threadbear

Bears sleep by day.
At night they stay awake to chase away bad dreams.
-Jesse O'Neil

Hello everybody!

MrsC dragged home a huge bag full of stuffed toys from school today... I welcomed them all! Any toys that are not Bears will go to one of the other clinics in the same building as the Teddy Bear Clinic, no toy is turned away.

Here are the new arrivals, all pumped up from being at school all morning with all those excited children...


This little one obviously had WAY too much fun at school and passed out in the car, on the way home. He will have to wake up just now for a quick wash so he can dry whilst it is nice and warm...yay the sun is out !


Buttons and I have been helping wash the others. Some of them were just too dirty for a hand wash and I had to leave the room when they went in the washing machine...oh the squeals of protest!

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