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Behind the camera, South Africa - 30th May 2008

By: Threadbear

Bears being sent through the mail should never be squashed up to make them fit.
It gives them indigestion.
-Pam Brown

Hello, hello!

There was much excitement around the house today. Another batch of local bears arrived. Some were previously loved and some were brand spanking new. All of them were gorgeous.

I asked if I could take the photos today, I really want to be involved a bit more. The camera is very heavy so I needed a bit of help...MrsC held it up and I pressed the button. I think I did a pretty good job, if I must say so myself.


Even more exciting news, is that MrsC came back from the Post Office with three packages, all from the fabulous BunTraveler! 15 little cuties and one of them a guardian angel to look after the rest.

Here are a few of them, desperate for a cup of tea I'd imagine...


These ones were dying for a snack, when Jeeves the butler walked by they just dived right in! Unbelievable! The youth of today... tut, tut...


Well, there are bears all over MrsC's desk. She is going to have to make a plan about storage soon. There is no place to work on there...hmmm... maybe that is her plan!

I counted everyone and this is the latest tally:



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