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Home, South Africa - 28th May 2008

By: Threadbear

A bear grows more alive with age.
No one with one ounce of sensitivity could ever consign a bear to the dustbin.
-Johnnie Hague

Hello, hello!

What a happy day it has been. Chilly, chilly weather and it has been raining almost all day long... but the heater was on and I sat on MrsC's desk making new friends and drinking hot chocolate! Would you like to meet the first local bears to arrive?

First up is this handsome fellow, I must find out what shampoo he uses to get that shiny fur...he hasn't stopped smiling since he found out why he was brought here.


This lad is dressed up appropriately for the weather... he has the longest legs I have ever seen in a bear! He comes from the same area as Charlize Theron, must be something in the water over in the East Rand...

Some child is just going to love this other one, he is so soft.


These two little bears are so funny! The little one at the front is a cheeky little chap. He comes from a doctors rooms...he has spent all evening looking through MrsC's (very extensive) ribbon collection and then he decided he needed to look again in day light before he could choose one.

The other one is a kindred spirit... remember my head was on backwards? His arms are on the wrong way round! MrsC says she will wait for day light too before she corrects this... His nose has also split in the exact same place as mine... nose job needed!


We are just waiting for MrsC to go to bed so we can have some real fun. Shouldn't be long now, it's 1am and she is yawning her head off...

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