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Johannesburg, South Africa - 19th May 2008

By: Threadbear

No one can go back and make a brand new start...
Anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

Hi! My name is Threadbear and this is my story...

I was rescued from the SPCA (Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals) thrift shop by three visiting ToyVoyagers  Pinky Bear, Dilbert and HitchaRideDooey and their host MrsC.


I was in a bad way, dusty, torn split open and even worse, to my shame, my head was on backwards and I had a filthy piece of lace a round my neck. But they saw the potential in me for which I shall be forever grateful.



MrsC patched me up, returned my head to it's rightful position, and gave me a very gentle clean.


She gave me a new name to celebrate my new beginning. Threadbear. Very fitting and I am very fond of it.


A few other toys were rescued with me and also cleaned up and repaired. Slowly but surely they have all been given a new purpose in life. I wondered what my new purpose in life was. I am certainly too fragile to travel. When MrsC told me what was to become of the last few bears I knew EXACTLY what it was I had to do.


They were destined for a sad but wonderful place called the Teddy Bear Clinic it is a clinic for sexually abused children in South Africa. Unfortunately there are far too many children here who suffer this fate. Each child visits the clinic at least five times and each time they get to choose a bear to keep. The bear is used by the child to show what has happened to him or her, especially when they are too young to communicate properly  and also as a source of comfort because we all know what magical healing properties Teddy Bears have...

As you can imagine they need lots of bears, in all different shapes and sizes. Mrs C sometimes knits bears for them and collects either old or new bears. Here are some she collected doing a school drive ( a friend of hers once got the children in her class to knit, even the boys!) Hang on I need to cunningly disguise the children...


Here they all are at the clinic. MrsC asks very nicely that no one posts an extra large bear like this one, she struggled to get him into her car!


Well I have decided to ask all of you out there reading about me to send over any retired bears that you may have sitting forlornly on shelves or in boxes.  It does not matter if they are small, sometimes the children prefer them like that. If they need cleaning or repairing, don't worry, MrsC will sort them out and I will welcome them all, each and everyone. Please PM me for my address or e-mail directly.

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