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Rheinberg, Germany - 6th June 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today we went to Rheinberg, we had to drive for an hour. We visited the trade fair “Tier & Wir” (animal & us). The Germand pet rat keeper’s association was exhibiting there. Katja is an active member of this association. They are informing interested people about pet rats keeping, about their needs, how the cages should look like, what they eat and so on. They also sell things from their own shop like coffee mugs, biros, t-shirts with their own logo printed on, books, stickers, stuffed rats, crafted things  and much more. The income from this sale will be used for animal protection.

We arrived in the morning. First we helped to put everything at it’s place.



Later we walked around and watched a lot of animals. There were guinea pigs, rabbits, reptiles, American minipigs, birds, chicken, fishes and horses.



They also had a petting zoo with lamas, sheep and goats. Percy and me met real goats.


You can buy all sorts of pet supplies like food and housings here, for dogs, for cats, for all sorts of rodents, for equitation, aquaristics and terraristics and also craftwork.



These are toy ducks for dogs.


This photo is taken outside of the fair buildings.


Katja fell in love with a cute plush mouse dressed perfectly and carrying a shopping bag. She simply could not resist to buy her. Of course she will become a travelling mouse though she already has two travelling mice.


We are looking foreward to dinner now. We are all very tired because we had to get up early. It was exciting today. A lot of people asked why Katja was taking photos of toys everywhere. She explained the ToyVoyagers idea to those people and they really liked it. Maybe one of them will have a look here.


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