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Remscheid, Germany - 2nd June 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
I arrived at my first host's home today. When Katja (her name is also Katja - that's funny and easy to keep in mind) arrived from her work she found my envelope crammed into the post box, partly lolling out.

She took me into her apartment and opened my envelope. I was welcomed by Katja and little bear ToyVoyager Finja.


She emptied my envelope and found my notebook and some  cute stickers. She was really delighted.



To show me a little bit around Katja took me with her to the veterinary. She had to buy some medicine for one of her pets.

On the way to the vet she showed me the vicinity of my new home. I am now living in the house on the left side. It was built in 1904 A.D. Katja told me that we are living in a district that was not destroyed in World War II. Many of the old houses are still existing here.


This church is close to our home. Because the church is surrounded by large trees we could not make a photo of the whole church.


Here you can find many nice houses like these.


In front of the police station this little park is planted.


Here we are at the vet's house.


We bought the medicine and went home. Katja wanted to show me the ducks in the munciple park's pond. They even have ducklings but they were hinding somewhere. Next time we will feed ducks, maybe then they will come closer.


Can you see the fish in the background? It is the replication of the "Stinthengst". A "Stint" is a fish called "smelt" in english. The replication reminds of the historical tradition from East Prussia. East Prussia belonged to Germany from 1871 A.D. until 1945 A.D. In World War II this and other eastern regions were captured by Russia. Nowadays these regions belong to Poland.

The Stinthengst (king of fish) is a mythical creature that lived in the waters of the East Prussian region Nikolaiken. The king was caught one day. He promised the fishermen to fulfill all their dreams if they saved his life. They did, but to benefit from his magical strengh they chained him to a bridge, stuck into the net. The outflanked king of fish had to keep his promise and is fulfilling wishes even nowadays.

On this sign the story of the "Stinthengst" is written. Remscheid is related to Sensburg, the capital of the former region East Prussia, in a way similar to a twin town. Many people from this region are living here. They were displaces persons from World War II.


Here you can see the pond from another side.


We went home then. Later we will walk into the town to buy a bus ticket for Alex, Katja's daugter. She will go on a school excursion to a zoo tomorrow. Maybe I will go with her.

I like it here. It is not so hot like Tenerife and here are many trees and shady places.

We decided that I'd better not wear my sash all the time because every time it is bended a little bit this point will remain white. We will keep it safe in my envelope with my notebook. For "official photos" inside the house I will wear ist because then I don't have to be hold.


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