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Tartu, Estonia - 25th June 2008

By: MarionJ

It has been raining like crazy here. Well, all over Europe almost. They say here that a typical estonian summer contains storms and many rainy days. Well, they finally arrived :)
Has also been quite chaotic and hectic here, my host is organizing some youth camps, and kids seem to be almost impossible to get in touch with. :P
But we had a chance to visit Tartu, the secong biggest city in Estonia. It's a very beautiful city, also a former Hansa-city (in the medieval times). Because of the great university there, Tartu is said to be a city of students. It's a place for culture and intelligence, my host says. :) It's small, but wonderful. Anyone ever in Estonia, you should visit it for sure. The busride tkaes only 2h25min and during the drive you see only forests. Actually, I've heard it's like that all over the country  ;) Forests and some smaller villages-towns here and there. Oh, and the gas stations too, of course.
The pedestrian bridge near the market (which was closed unfortunately, because it was a national holiday - Midsummer's night)
Then, the river of Emajõgi (Mother's river) that runs through Tartu
This pig stands in front of the old market house, that works still - with Woezel and Veggies
The town square and town hall
A famous statue of kissing students (of course, who else?)
A wierd crooked house. Although inside it's level with the street, thankfully
Oh, and the famous University of Tartu
Last, but not least - the theatre of Vanemuine. Theatre is very important and popular in Estonia

Ok, so this was me (with Woezel and Veggies) in Tartu. Will be visiting something else, hopefully. And then off to Devon!


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