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Den Bosch, The Netherlands - 28th May 2008

By: Marjolein

Dear mum,

Today I went sightseeing in the city 's-Hertogenbosch, or Den Bosch as the Dutch (lazy as they are) call it. It is a beautiful city! Marjolein took me on her bike. I could see everything from basket.


We drove into the citycentre where we arrived in a couple of minute because Marjolein and her boyfriend Kasper live very near the centre of Den Bosch. They just live here since September 2007. They have two rooms in a small house they share with another couple and they live above a snackbar! The people that own the snackbar are also the owners of the house above it. Marjolein and Kasper share a kitchen, bathroom and toilet with the other couple. They are from Den Bosch and know lots of people here. Marjolein and Kasper don't really know anyone so Marjolein is glad the tv's come to visit her now. Of course her friends and family visit but because Marjolein is from Groningen, which is in the north of the Netherlands and about 350 kilometres away, they don't visit often.

But we went to the citycentre.


This picture is not of a church as you might think. It actually where Marjolein and Kasper's docter and pharmacist are!


At this photo you can see the building of the docter better, it's built against the building that looks like a church.


Now, this is a church. And it has some weird art in front of it. It's called the 'Sint-Jacobskerk'. A 'kerk' is a church in Dutch.


This is just a really cool street.


And this is the Sint-Jans Cathedral on the marketplace called the 'Parade'.




This is the Hinthamerstraat (straat=street), the biggest shoppingstreet of Den Bosch.


And the inner citycentre, the market place called the 'Markt'. And you can see by all the stands it actually was a marketday.


They are working on the market. Renewing the bricks and stuff. And Marjolein told me there was a big statue of Jeroen Bosch (the person the city was named after, a writer) but he has been moved and Marjolein doesn't know where he went.

We also did some shopping. We went to a secondhand store. Do you like Marjoleins new shirt?


This is the most Tourist street of Den Bosch, from where you can take a trip in a boat all through Den Bosch. The innerwaters are called the Binnendieze. (binnen means inside) You also have the Buitendieze. (buiten means outside). Marjolein went on a boattrip in the Binnendieze when she just moved her and she says it is beautiful.



But there is a time of sightseeing and a time of going to the grocerystore, so we went to the Albert Heijn to get some milk.



On our way back we also saw some pretty sights.





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