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War Geeks HQ, South Africa - 22nd November 2008

By: MrsC

I could not understand why Fi was running around like a nut, moving stuff and setting up tables and while her husband was reeling out metres and metres of cables....

Before long the gate intercom was buzzing and strange men drove in with...their entire PC strapped in their cars!

The War Geeks had arrived. Usually they play a game called Battelfield on line. They have a forum too and they have funny nicknames like 'Useless' and 'You are toast', Fi's son is called Shrapnel (cause he is small and annoying? :p ). Today however, they were having a network session and taking over the house!


When I say taking over the house I mean it!

Upstairs… (Wow! That is a massive screen!)


In the garage!!!! Two teams...



In the dining room...oh, umm... that's me having a turn!


They were in the lounge and someone even commandeered Fi's PC. Aha! It was Shrapnel - that's okay then. He plays quite well for a kid (though his mother would prefer he didn't play at all!)


Could someone send out for pizza? The troops are starving - an army marches on its stomach you know!


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