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Zoo Lake, South Africa - 15th June 2008

By: MrsC

When we got tired of sitting around at Fi's Mom, we all got back into the car and took a little drive down to the Zoo Lake (so named because the 'river', more like a stream, that feeds it, runs through the Zoo which is adjacent to the Lake.)


Oh look! Boats! Please may we have a boat ride?


The two of us were sitting peacefully, enjoying the view...


And the nasty geese got closer, and closer...


Okay, time to leave! Dump the bread and run!

Heh, heh! Look what we found!


Red boat or yellow? Red of course! It is nice and pink inside!


My hero!


Okay, it's not quite the Titanic...but my heart will go on!!!!!


Okay, goose, have some bread...just leave me alone now...


That dreadful monstrosity on the horizon is not a stack of Lego; it is in fact the Johannesburg General Hospital. It was built in the 1970s which explains the concrete ugliness. The three tall buildings are the Nurses Residence. Fi used to live in the one on the left...on the 13th floor. The old hospital was so beautiful....


Hey! Not too close... it's a lovely day but it's not hot enough to get wet...


Oh, how pretty! A rainbow...

Fi says she remembers that fountain in the 'old days' when it used to be higher and fuller.


Oh Help!!! Pirates!!! Johannesburg IS a terrible place...you can't even row a boat in safety... Unhand me now you scabby seadogs!


Thank you, Natalie for rescuing me and comforting me. Row us back to shore!


Ah, the boat house. Safety at last... oh no, another killer goose!!!!


This is a very famous restaurant called Moyo, on the lake side. It is an African experience more than a restaurant. There are a few branches through out South Africa.


The waiters were a little odd though...so we had an ice cream instead and went back home...


On the way we passed this...


Then it was back on the highway...do we have these in our country?


We definitely don't get this! My goodness, what an intense sunset!


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