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Johannesburg, South Africa - 19th May 2008

By: MrsC

Today Fi went to visit her Mom, she was going to take photos of me but Fi's Mom's dog was sick and they thought she might have to be put down. Well I am sure you can imagine how Fi was crying because Rascal (the dog) was her childhood pet...okay, okay, the dog IS ancient... and she never took me OR her camera to the vet. The vet decided the pooch needed x-rays before he made any dramatic decisions because he said she was still happy and alert and full of beans. So Fi left her there smiling and promised to be back to fetch her at 1pm.

Oh dear, when she got back without the dog her Mom was terribly upset till she found out Rascal was still alive. We sat around reading magazines and chatting to Fi's 93 year old granny who is very confused but still very funny. Sometimes she is polite and tells Fi she is a 'little plump' and sometimes she forgets her manners and tells Fi she is 'very fat'. Fi is just happy that Granny B still remembers who she is.

Well it was soon time to fetch the pardoned - from - death - row - pooch...and...OH DEAR...my fault for joking about this the other day apparently...


That will definitely be the last time I make a joke like that...

Eventually Fi's husband came to her rescue, the dog was rescued, Granny B had a nap and Fi set of to help her friend Vicki become a fully fledge ToyVoyageress!

Later on Fi's sister phoned to tell her to look outside at the moon, it had a funny aura around it. She is a LUNAtic so she pays close attention to the moon...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

So of course we all traipsed outside in the middle of the night (it was so cold so I put my scarf on - another cold snap is on it's way)

Fi actually lay down on the floor to take the photo and the dogs came over and slobbered all over her. GROSS!!! Then they went off to drink water and CAME BACK! Great big slobbery beasts!

Oh bother! You can't see me OR the moon's aura in this photo... honestly Fi! It is time you went for photography lessons!


Fuzzy but here you can see the big ring around the moon..


Must be something to do with the cold and the clouds. We will check the paper tomorrow. There may be something in there about it.

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