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Jungle Junkies, South Africa - 15th May 2008

By: MrsC

Oh my goodness, we ended up going to ANOTHER garden centre. This one is way more fun though. We were enclosed yet again (nothing in Jo'burg is open in case you haven't worked this out yet) but this place was MUCH nicer than the other one... it is a whole village for children, and TVs of course, to play in.
I started off on the bikes (much cleaner than that revolting pink one) though I couldn't decide which one to choose...


I chose a cool black one and off I whizzed around the race track, didn't need Natalie's help this time AND I obeyed all the traffic rules!


Can you tell what I'm doing up here?


No? How about from this side?


After I finished flying that plane I decided to blast off to outer space...just doing a final check to make sure the rocket is in order...


WHOOPS!!! The booster rockets set the hairdressers on fire, I had to rush and put out the flames...


Phew, that was scary! I thought the whole village would burn down but I saved it with my quick thinking and fire fighting skills. I think I'll phone home and let them know how I'm doing... where is the Post Office?


It's just ringing, no one seems to be home. Where can they be? Fi says they went on holiday...without me? How rude...

I'd better get a few groceries while I'm here. Fi is like Old Mother Hubbard...her cupboards are always bare...


Oh, how humiliating...please can we get out the nursery? I really am not a baby, get me out of here....


Just to prove that I'm all grown up I went to donate blood, I have a rare type P- . There is always a shortage so I donate every 56 days


OOOOhhh, I don't feel so well... the nurse said I had to sit and wait to see the doctor...


The doctor checked me out and said I was silly not to eat before donating blood. I had to go get something to eat immediately and I would be just fine.... can't think how I forgot to eat, must be all the excitement of exploring... He also said I was not to use the gym either so no photos in there...


Hmmm, chicken....


...and lots of healthy fruit and vegetables...


I feel much better now. Oh look a gardening trolley...that reminds me...Fi, we still haven't planted the flowers yet... Oh my, what a look she just gave me! She hasn't been feeling well so I suppose that is why she keeps putting it off. I wish everyone in this house would just get better so things can go back to normal...


Well that was a lovely afternoon, each section has a lady to look after the children and make sure they don't get hurt. They were all very curious about me, so I told them all about my adventures. You can tell they spend all day around children, they didn't think my story was strange at all!

We said our goodbyes and it was time to go home. OH DEAR, a flat tyre, just what we didn't need...how will we get home now?


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